idea & creation

Analysis of the client’s needs. In the first step we make sure we capture and understand all objectives and specifications set by our client for a specific promotion like type of campaign, target group, budget, timeline, target markets, etc. Based on these initial outlines we can phrase a set of guidelines for an efficient and results-producing brainstorming.

Brilliant ideas. The magic of a great idea has a very direct, appealing and inspiring effect.
Coming up with new ideas and approaches is our profession. We filter out the best ideas them by matching them to the guidelines set for the individual briefing. The result: ideas that create and transfer an engaging vital spark from the brand to the consumer. Taylor made ideas that convert into real campaigns and products.

Creative concepts. We work up innovative concepts and make sure they are viable, and comply with legal requirements for child-safety, food-safety and packaging requirements. We like to present and discuss concepts personally with our clients to understand what is really best for them. Selected concepts are then designed and visualized in full scale and high quality by product designers. On-site consultation helps us to gather all specifications of production and packaging machinery so we can incorporate this technical knowledge into our designs from the very beginning, which makes the product design very efficient.

Brand awareness. We use our many years of experience to think one step ahead.
Our goal is to deliver a fresh approach so that the consumer enjoys instant and steady gratification with the brand. This raises brand awareness and boosts brand loyalty.

Incentive to buy.With our promotional campaigns and products we are creating extra attraction and impulse purchase in the relevant target group. We are very focused on generating powerful promotions for additional sales for our clients. We know that keeping budgets and timelines is the key to success. That’s why we deliver on time. Satisfying the high expectations of our international clients is the challenge we master with experience.