Maggi REWE bottle hangtags

Challenge: Development of a flexible yet strong neck hanger to hold bottle on bottle

KitKat break box for real,-

Challenge: Production of a branded lunch box (food safe) as gift with purchase.

Acrylic counter display

Challenge: Production of an acrylic cash counter display

Smarties fantasy animal sticker sets

Challenge: Development of a food safe insert promotion for Q1/2014

Nestlé neck hangers

Challenge: Development of a neck hanger to hold chocolate bars on the bottle

KitKat shelf wobbler

Challenge: Production of shelf wobblers for a special double pack deal

Smarties Riddle Fun Posters

Challenge: Production of a specially folded
paint-in poster for kids (in-pack promotion).

Dolce Gusto machine promotion

Challenge: ATC marketing, active sales for employee deals / corporate benefits

Lussile – Greek fashion brand

Challenge: Marketing Strategy Consultancy, Innovative concepts for campaigns.

Karaoke Star – interactive PC game

Challenge: Development of an all new, interactive PC-game on CD-Rom as pack insert.

Milka finger puppets

Challenge: Creation of a line of cute miniature plush toys to go inside of chocolate eggs.

Lussile mama – a new fashion line

Challenge: Ideation and Concept for the creation of a new fashion line.

ACO Italy – POS display

Challenge: Design, creation and production of a tall POS display for trade showrooms.

Porifera – natural sea sponges

Challenge: Marketing Strategy Consultancy, brand building und launch of website.

Prayer folding cards

Challenge: Production of an innovative folding card with morning-, lunch- and evening prayers.