promotion & marketing

Successful promotions. Many side factors like competitor campaigns, TV support, a strong license etc. can influence the success of a promotional campaign. Those factors cannot be influenced. Therefore, what really counts is a perfect execution. During the past years, we have methodically developed and set very high quality standards for our own work. We make sure that the consumer is delighted when coming in contact with our promotional premiums, which means sensing our client’s campaign. Consumer satisfaction, word-of-mouth and success guaranteed.

Kids & family marketing. For the success of premiums and in-packs (inserts) for kids it is really important to consider the two relevant target groups:

Kids: Motivator. Demanding the premium for play value and instant gratification
Mums: Buyer/decision maker. Has to accept the premium and appreciate it positively Over the past years we our team has developed many premiums, inserts, GWP and other promotional products for leading international FMCG brands. We use this experience for the development of new ideas and campaigns.