software & license deals

Development of new software. We develop all-new entertainment software and games from scratch. Based on the latest technology we create functional concepts, digital designs, turning them into functional entertainment software incorporating market trends. With a unique product like that our clients can set the pulse. Matching brand values and integrating a sales message is easy, as the bespoke digital world grows around the brand. The software can be provided on any media like CD, DVD, USB-key, SD-card, download or as online version.

Game licensing. We can offer a great range of the latest promotional games PC, X-Box,
PlayStation, Nintendo Wii and mobile platforms. Our international partners offer affordable license deals for existing software that can be individually adapted in design with logos, brand environment and sales messages.

Music rights. Acquiring and managing music rights can be legally complicated and vary from country to country. As a competent partner on this field we can offer our clients a simple and cost attractive access to international top titles and artists for the use in promotional campaigns.