premiums & products

High quality premiums. . Free gifts and in-pack premiums are meant to add value and differentiate a brand from cheaper no-name products. That is why we focus on offering very good prices for high quality bespoke promotional products. We offer inspirational design and amazing quality at the most attractive cost only.

Product design. For every client we develop individual products and designs. We have been developing and designing great items and products for international brands and licensors of animation properties for many years. That is why we work with very high aesthetic and technical standards. We consider necessary design adaptations for efficient tool making and mass production very early in the process so that your project stays in budget. Excellent product design is aesthetic, intelligent and low cost at the same time!

Prototypes. Seeing, touching and sensing is better than explaining and imagining. Once a specific product idea or design is selected, we can produce prototypes rapidly. Often this is a requirement to check measurements and work flow during the packaging process too.

Product development. We develop promotional items and products from the first idea through to the mass production. This can be a long process with many milestones. That is why we issue detailed product development timelines at the start of a project and work down the planning step by step, documenting and getting the client to sign off on all milestones. We work with experienced and reliable suppliers and partners in Europe and Asia. Our products must fit our client’s production flow trouble-free. That is why we make sure to check and consider all technical requirements on-site if necessary and coordinate the development with the client’s production line specialists directly.

Design & intellectual property.We manage the complex design development process and the many steps of sign-offs with the licensor for our clients. We provide a transparent process down to the final approval for production, not matter if it’s about the creation of „Hello Kitty“ sticker sets of the development of Disney plastic figurines.