production & quality

Production management. In long-run cooperation with reliable partners in Europe and Asia we are producing high quality promotional products in large quantities for competitive cost. Our job is to manage and coordinate the complete production process: From concepts to prototypes, product development, tool development to mass production, packaging development, quality assurance, shipping, customs clearance up to the dispatch and delivery of the goods. We are a European one-stop business partner for our clients. This provides legal safety and guaranteed German reliability.

Child & toy safety. We are a competent and very experienced with designing and making child safe promotional products. This is a critical subject for responsible-minded FMCG brands and parents equally. We are the point of contact for child safe product design, use of non-toxic, non breaking materials, low-migration colours and specification of proper product labelling (EN71-directive).

Food safety. Most promotional products have direct or indirect contact with the brand product itself, its sales packaging or enter shielded areas of maximum hygiene standards at packing department. We know the strict regulations that apply here. We use low-migration print colours and special glues and safe materials for our products to eliminate any risk of food contamination. Our production partners as well as the whole production process is systematically checked and approved by internationally recognized testing laboratories (STR/Bureau Veritas/AIB) following a quality assurance plan project by project.

Quality & testing laboratories. Quality is a critical asset which results from precise specifications in combination with strict and independent controls. For all major projects we generate a quality assurance plan (QAP) which defines the product properties, tolerances, and the planned types of quality tests and repetitions. This plan is the guideline and documentation for all random samplings during production and before shipping. Only once the independent laboratory gives the approval the goods will be delivered to the client.

Packaging solutions. Most promotional goods are wrapped in foil bags or packaged. We develop specific packaging solutions and offer standardized packaging services. The range is wide. We can offer endless food safe flow wrapping, single sachets or leporello sticker constructions (containing skin tattoos) from the reel. We concentrate on high volumes, low unit costs and a seamless integration into the client’s production and packaging processes.