Smarties Riddle Fun Posters

Client: Nestlé Deutschland (Germany)
Project: Smarties Riddle Fun Poster

Briefing: production and special packaging of a folded leaflet for Kids with riddles, paint in puzzles and games. In-pack promotion on Smarties Mini. Usage of specific food safe printing inks (low migration). Very small and compact folding. Food save packaging (flow wrap).

Challenge: Usage of a type of paper that is open-pored enough to absorb pencils and crayons hand painting, whilst not sucking up too much printing ink, to avoid odor emissions/migration to the product (chocolate). Very flat, multi folding (<3mm) of the poster until it is flat and compact enough to fit the in-pack specifications. Packaging the folded item into tight fitting, airless flow wrap bags.

Result: The surprise comes when you unpack the item: the small folded item unfolds into a big poster. 4 riddles and a paint in puzzle are great fun for kids. On the back there is one big ludo game, which can be played using the colorful Smarties.

Product: Poster printed 4c/4c + 1c/1c Pantone color: blue, Size 208x192mm, folded 98x48x3mm, packaged in a special flow wrap (multi-layer odor-barrier foil, transparent), weight 3g.

Quantity: 1.400.000 pcs

Markets: Germany

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