ACO Italy – POS display

Client: ACO Italy (drainage systems)
Tall POS display for trade show rooms

Briefing: creation and production of a new POS display. Key target: strong visual impact! Competitors of ACO have used exotic animal icons to create attention at the POS/trade showroooms in Italy.

Challenge: catching the attention of potential clients in a trade showroom is not easy. Many products are on display, most of them compete in technical details. Our mission was to express “fast water drainage” visually, by creating a symbolic icon.

Result: “fast” is symbolized by the forward shooting F1 race car. The Formula One is very popular in Italy. The virtual race car is CGI generated and red like the ACO logo (or a Ferrari). Water is symbolized by the blowing blue streams. A very eye catching and emotionally turbocharged design with direct link to the technical product. The back of the POS display explains 4 different product ranges.

Product: elliptic POS display, free standing (folds in half for transport), size: 450×1590 mm

Quantity: 500 pcs

Market: Italy

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