Nestlé neck hangers

Click here: MERRYLARK neckhangers nominated for the German Packaging Award 2012

Client: Nestlé Germany / Austria / Switzerland
Project: Neck hangers – KitKat & other chocolate snacks & Vittel co-promotion

Briefing: development and production of a neck hanger mounting kit, to attach different brands of Nestlé chocolate bars (KitKat, SNACK, Lion, Nuts, etc.) onto 0,75 l Vittel “sport” water bottles.

Challenge: Create an attractive bottle neck holder item that attaches the chocolate bars to the water bottle and also communicates the promotional mechanic and promotes itself on the shelf, whilst covering as little of the product as possible. Develop an easy to use, fool safe construction so that shop assistants can mount the chocolate on the bottles themselves very time efficiently. Usage of special food save materials (adhesive foil) and printing inks to avoid odor emissions/migration to the product (chocolate).

Result: A great “Grab ‘n Go” promotion combo for the impulse market. Easy to shelve and very low cost.

Product: Die cut neck hanger construction made of transparent PP self-adhesive foil, with special food-safe tested glue (EUROFINS approved). Printed on backing paper 4c/0c. Size 135x55mm.

Quantity: 300.000 pcs per promotion

Markets: Germany, Austria, Switzerland.
Impulse market segment: petrol stations, airports, kiosks and catering

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