Porifera – natural sea sponges

Strategic consultancy for business development and European marketing initiatives.

Porifera Company
follows the six decades tradition of Emmanuel Papadopoulos family who first established the business of processing and exporting sea sponges in 1956 on the Greek island of Limnos.

Porifera Co
is processing premium selected sea sponges from reputable sources. The sponges are hand-picked by divers from the warm seabed of the Mediterranean and Caribbean Sea. During our long company history we have acquired many clients: large wholesalers, distributors, retailers, cosmetic tool manufacturers, in many countries: Germany, United Kingdom, France, USA, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Poland, Egypt, South Africa, UAE, Spain and Italy.

Porifera Co exports all commercial sponge types and species such as Honeycomb, Fine Silk, Grass, Yellow, Wool, Hardhead, Coral Reefs, ideal for all different purposes, such as adult and infant body washing, facial cleansing, make up, wall painting, ceramic tiles cleaning and decoration.

A great variety of sizes is available to satisfy your needs. Depending on individual client specifications we can deliver raw sponges or fully processed sponges. We receive the raw sponges directly from our professional divers, who are contractual collaborators. Therefore we can ensure to offer sponges directly from the source at very competitive prices. At the same time we can guarantee a very high quality standard for our products. At Porifera Co you are in the best hands when it’s about buying Natural Sea Sponges.

In addition to our classic Sea Sponges line we offer our “touch me” line of high quality skin care products made of Loofah, Sisal, Ramie natural fibers and various SPA and bath accessories for personal care. Bulk supplies are always available.


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